Beijing massage FAQ
beijing massage
beijing massage

We are work 24 hour

beijing massage
( 1.) How do I pay?

This is an average for Central Beijing.In very central Beijing it may be less.

( 2.) Can I call at 03:00 AM?

USD,Euro,HKD, Rmb in CASH only. No credit cards.

3.) Will the masseuse come within 30 minutes?

No problem. Anytime. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

( 4.) Can your masseuse go to my hotel in midnight?


( 5.) Can I choose a massage girl?

Yes. No matter you call a girl to your place or you visit our center, you can choose the girl you like. Tell us your favorite style and we will select the right girl for you.

beijing masage

Welcome the feeling of beijing massage services.

Sir, please don't waste your time to go somewhere else, We have the best beijing massage services.we provide you with a variety of massage method for your choice, happy ending, superb start sniffed5 the service technology, here you will find fits your needs.After a day's hard work, Mr A pleasant trip don't hesitate to call us, our staff will quickly arrangement you like girls go to your room service for you. Beijing massage is the best way for you.

Whether you are in beijing and find the beijng massage, beijing city, or girls will arrive 30 minutes of your room. What are you waiting for? Now, just call us, your satisfaction is our principle of service.

We can visit you at your home, workplace, hotel room, or event

If you're IN Beijing or Guangzhou or Shanghai, one OF our expert massage therapists can visit you AT your home, workplace, hotel room, OR event. That's right, we're now offering a mobile beijing massage therapy service so that you can experience the pleasures OF complementary therapy AT times AND places that suit you.

After a day's hard work, How about get a superb massage service from our centre? Beautiful gorgeous girls provide escort directly to your place.

Gentleman, please don't waste your time anywhere else. Feeling beijing massage centre gives you a perfect choice. Your satisfaction means everything.

Feeling massage center has the most attractive and beautiful girls in Beijing. Don't be hesitant to ring us and our staff will arrange the right girl at your type very quickly. She will reach you in 30 minutes if you live in Beijing urban area.
Ring us, now

When you make a reservation,please let us know what type of beijing massage we supplied you want to have,and what鈥檚 the time you want it.

Please tell us your true name,current telephone or cell phone number,the room number,and the address of your hotel or your apartment.These informations are necessary for the masseuse to arrive your place quickly.In addition, every time after we arrange somebody for you, we will call you back to confirm it.

beijing massage

beijing massage

beijing massageCall us when you get taxi, we will tell the full address to taxi driver and the driver will take you to the exact place

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